Press Kit

Upcoming Event – Rally Against Duke’s Rate Hike and the Regulatory Fallacy: September 27th, 5 pm – 6:30 pm.

Join us to tell the NCUC we don’t want to pay to support Duke’s monopoly and continued use of fossil fuels. Duke Energy, comfortable in their entrenched monopoly, are proposing to the NC Utilities commission that they raise our electricity rates by 15%. They plan to use the additional $200 million a year to clean up their coal ash mess and build new infrastructure to keep us dependent on life destroying fossil fuels.

The NC Utilities Commission is holding a Public Hearing from 7 pm – 10 pm in the courthouse in downtown Asheville. We will rally together at the Vance Monument then head to the courthouse to join the public hearing.

Read our latest press release:  Street Theater Rally Against Duke’s Proposed Rate Hike September 27th

Local Initiatives – Asheville’s Climate Bill of Rights

In partnership with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) Community Roots has drafted a Community Bill of Rights stating our right to a healthy climate. We are building a campaign for the City of Asheville to pass this ground-breaking ordinance to begin to process of asserting our right to local-self governance as detailed in the Declaration of Independence  and dismantling the system of corporate rule that has become the norm in modern America.

We want to hear from you!

It is important that this document represent the wishes of our entire community. We are accepting Public Comments from September 5th to November 5th 2017. We will then use your comments to re-work the ordinance so if reflects the wishes of all.  Please use the links below to add comments on each section of the Community Bill of Rights.

Read our latest press release: New Proposed City Ordinance Fights for our Rights to a Healthy Climate

Photos and Logo

Images from Independence from Fossil Fuels: Floating Protest on Lake Julian July 4th 2017


Leadership Quotes

Many people are involved in Asheville Community Roots, the First 100 Network, the Climate Bill of Rights, and the WNC 100% Renewables Coalition. Here are some of the reasons they are involved in working to protect the health and well-being of people and the environment.

  • WNC 100% Renewables Coalition – Asheville becomes First North Carolina City to pass Resolution Calling for 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

“This is a great step, we are fully in support of the City of Asheville passing this resolution and now we need to give it some teeth. The City and County need to commit to this goal and begin taking actionable steps toward implementation so we can avoid, or at least lessen, climate catastrophe.”– Kat Houghton PhD, Community Roots Board Member and Asheville Community Rights project co-lead

“If we are going to reach this goal then one of two things needs to happen. Either Duke Energy stops plans to build two new gas-fired plants and invests instead in renewable energy or we break Duke’s monopoly on electricity production in North Carolina allowing citizens to choose where their energy comes from. The current legal structure in NC allows the rights of corporations to be put above the rights of the people of Asheville.”– Tyler Garrison, Community Roots board member, local business owner and Asheville Community Rights project co-lead

“When it comes to our energy future, who has more rights: one large energy monopoly, or the combined citizens of Asheville?” – Jamie Friedrich, organizer with Community Roots

“It’s easy to get lost in the maze of utility regulatory law; we want people to understand the issues at stake, what Duke Energy is asking for and feel empowered to go speak their mind to the Utilities Commissioners. Street theater is a powerful way to reach folks on a personal level by making the invisible or confusing issues, both visible and more easily understood.” – Suzannah Park, leader of the Wild Asheville Community Chorus, Community Roots Organizer