Fundraising Manager Position

The 100% Coalition: 100 Businesses in 1,000 Cities for 100% Renewable

Formally the First 100 Network, the 100% Coalition is Community Roots’ flagship fundraising mechanism developed in October 2016 to collect funds for Standing Rock. The network of businesses collect donations at their point of sale.  In March 2017 the focus shifted to 100% renewable energy and Community Rights. The 100% Coalition is dedicated to 100% renewable energy infrastructure and protecting sovereign rights of communities across the nation by running effective campaigns to raise awareness and provide assistance in crossing legal and financial barriers.

Fundraising Manager Job Description

The Fundraising Manager will develop and implement fundraising strategies and oversee fundraising programs. You will create fundraising goals and solicit funds to meet these goals. You will identify new donors and organize initiatives to solicit funding. You may also be responsible for developing major gift opportunities and writing grant proposals.

You will be responsible for managing and developing an existing fundraising campaign, involving business in Asheville NC, which will serve as a model for expansion into other communities in North Carolina.

Hours are flexible, most of your time will be in spent visiting businesses until you are managing teams in other markets.

We are seeking energized, curious, self-starters with a passion for protecting people and planet over profit.


– Opening markets by visiting new businesses starting in Asheville and expanding into new cities

– Signing up 7 businesses a day (8 hours)  for the first 2 weeks

– Documenting and systematizing your work

– Setting up businesses with envelopes and collection jars

– Input information into contact database daily

– Recruit additional sales reps once each market is established (in Asheville when we reach 200 businesses)

– Create, implement and maintain systems for nationwide expansion of the network

– Attend 2 meetings a month (e.g. two of All Team Meeting, Community Roots Board Meeting, Marketing Team, Outreach Team, etc.)

– Develop job manuals and follow-up tools to assist in network maintenance

– Structure, implement, design fundraising strategy (other fundraisers in partnership with network businesses, grants)


Introductory compensation will be based on funds generated from the new businesses in the network and any new fundraising initiatives you produce.  

You will receive a % of total gross revenues collected for the first 60 days. After which a salary with an incentive plan will be established.

Community Roots

Community Roots is an Asheville based nonprofit (503(c)3) fighting for our rights to a healthy climate free from fossil fuels and working to dismantle corporate rule at the local and state level to allow for the equitable and swift transition to 100% renewable energy. We provide educational opportunities and organize direct actions in Asheville and Buncombe County while collaborating with local and statewide environmental groups to assert our rights for local self-governance. Community Roots is a volunteer run organization with working groups focused on Community Outreach, Nonviolent Direct Action, Legal, Art in Activism and Marketing.


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