Plug In

Join our family!

Our community led, volunteer working groups meet each week to help move us towards a sustainable and just future. Contact us if you would like to join any of these groups. You are welcome to come to a meeting and check it out before deciding:

  • Nonviolent Direct Action Team: We plan and implement NVDAs to further the cause.
  • Legal Team: We’re working on refining the Climate Bill of Rights, and gathering legal support for our team involved in nonviolent direct actions.
  • Outreach Team: Our role is to connect with a diverse range of community members, individuals, nonprofits and businesses to educate about Community Rights and renewable energy.
  • Marketing Team: We help get the word out there through the website, social media and multi-media channels.
  • Art in Activism Team: We use art and performance to engage people in helping to make the world we all want.


Send off of the floating protest
Suzannah Park leads Street Theater Rally in Asheville