Leadership Quotes – WNC 100% Renewables Coalition

Asheville becomes First North Carolina City to pass Resolution Calling for 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

“This is a great step, we are fully in support of the City of Asheville passing this resolution and now we need to give it some teeth. The City and County need to commit to this goal and begin taking actionable steps toward implementation so we can avoid, or at least lessen, climate catastrophe.”Kat Houghton PhD, Community Roots Board Member and Asheville Community Rights project co-lead

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Press Release – New Proposed City Ordinance Fights for our Rights to a Healthy Climate

Asserting Our Rights to a Clean Environment

“When it comes to our energy future, who has more rights: one large energy monopoly, or the combined citizens of Asheville?” asks Jamie Friedrich, an organizer with local nonprofit Community Roots. You probably guessed correctly. Corporations have been seizing power all over this country, with disastrous effects upon our air, water, and land. Our pro-corporate, heavily Republican state legislature currently has the power to pre-empt any local laws that are in conflict with the corporate agenda. But people are organizing to challenge that, thanks to the work of Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) who have been working on Community Rights since the 1990s.

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Local Initiatives – Asheville’s Climate Bill of Rights

In partnership with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) Community Roots has drafted a Community Bill of Rights stating our right to a healthy climate. We are building a campaign for the City of Asheville to pass this ground-breaking ordinance to begin to process of asserting our right to local-self governance as detailed in the Declaration of Independence  and dismantling the system of corporate rule that has become the norm in modern America.

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