Tips for recruiting businesses into the First 100

When you go into a business first you want to ask if a manager or the owner is available. Generally someone will either get them or ask what you need. Let them know first that it is a fundraising campaign for the water protectors in Standing Rock and then go into details and information on the first 100. My pitch goes something like, ” I was coming in today to see if your business would like to be a part of a global fundraising campaign for the water protectors in Standing Rock. We have already raised over $20,000 for winterizing gear for the folks out there in North Dakota. Our project is called the first 100 and what we are doing is getting a hundred local businesses signed up to ask their customers if they be willing to donate a dollar or more to Standing Rock. When we get a hundred businesses generating anywhere between 100 and $500 a day that’s a large amount of money daily to support our efforts in stopping the pipeline . The registration process is very simple and straightforward and Is proving to be a great way for our community and business owners to come together to help out with such an important cause”.

Typically I will then show them the first 100 website and get them registered and show them where they can donate. Many places opt for the jar option but there is also a way for them to program a button into their POS system if they are so inclined. I found it helpful to name drop a few businesses as well but also it seems that people who are on board or onboard from the get-go because they feel the same way we do about the Dakota access pipeline.

Once they say yes and they register then we take a photo of them holding the flyer and post it on social media. I like to let them know that will be doing some free marketing and publication for them in that way by posting their business name and photo on our first 100 Facebook page and always encourage them to join our first 100 group on Facebook. It is the best way to stay up-to-date and also answer any questions that they may have. I also leave my personal contact information with them as well.

Of course this is just a pitch that I have found that works for me personally and I would encourage all of you to find something that feels natural for you. This is a Grassroots movement on our part and I think everyone’s individual energies are very important, so speak from your heart and be authentic to who you are.

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