Asheville Community Rights

The Community Rights Movement is dismantling corporate rule,
putting people and planets over profits.

The current law sees nature as property from which resources should be extracted in pursuit of endless growth and gives corporations the privilege of “personhood” and rights.

WHO DECIDES? The current structure of law allows corporations to decide what happens in the places we live while we are not invited to the table and have no voice in meaningful decision making.

In 2017 Buncombe County Duke Energy is planning to build two new fracked gas plants. We, the people, had no say in this decision but will have to live with the consequences. Fracked gas contains 80-95% methane, the most potent greenhouse gas on the planet which is accelerating climate change at an unprecedented rate. Our right to a clean environment is being violated by Duke.

Duke, and other large corporations are legalized monopolies, protected by the State, that prioritize corporate profits over their impact on the planet and people. Duke is currently asking us for $1 Billion to clean up the pollution from their coal burning plants but we won’t see a cent of the profits made from either plant. They are socializing their losses and privatizing their profits – all legal under the current structure of law. Asheville Community Rights is working to change the law that shelters corporations from their responsibilities to communities in which they operate.

The Community Bill of Rights is paradigm shifting local level legislation that asserts our rights for local self-governance over those of for-profit corporations. It is a crucial step in building sustainable communities.

The Community Bill of Rights has been passed in 200 communities in the US, we are working to make Asheville and Buncombe County next.



We are working directly with national nonprofit Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund who are spearheading the community rights movement around the country.