Working Teams

Community Roots is a volunteer run organization. We are structured into six working groups, facilitated by the following amazing humans:

Spirituality Team – Suzannah Tebbe Davis

The Spirituality Team engages in meditation, prayer, ceremony, ritual and divination in order to receive guidance from the helping spirits, the ancestors, earth, air, fire and water, the plants, the animals, minerals and  Divine Source. This guidance is shared with the Community Roots Core Team and will, by honoring the rights of Nature, Spirit and the Ancestors, allow us to ally with and act upon those actions which allow flow and protect our Mother Earth.

The Spirituality Team is inclusive of all faiths and ethnicities and will conduct outreach efforts to achieve diversity of Spirit.

The team meets every three weeks, alternating business/procedural meetings with ceremonial gatherings. Ceremonial Gatherings follow the Seasonal Wheel, approximately every 6 weeks.

Team members organize, contribute to and participate in days of Action and Outreach as called. Participation and support with prayer, meditation and offerings may also occur prior to events as a group.

The Spirituality Team is open to new members.

Legal Team – Kat Houghton PhD

The Legal Team is dedicated to figuring out the ins and outs of navigating the local political system to find the best ways to advance our cause.

We provide educational events for the community to help create awareness of how the legal system works and where we can exert pressure to facilitate systemic change.

We also are continuing building relationships with local poilitions and sharing clear information about our Environmental Bill of Rights. Our team is the link for staying on top of the moves and changes in the National Community Rights and International Rights of Nature movements.  To keep our community up to date with these larger movements we share important information to the Marketing and Core Team.

Music and Art Team – Suzannah Park

Suzannah Park leads Street Theater Rally in Asheville

Suzannah comes from a family of three generations of traditional singers, storytellers and dancers and is happily making music touring about the country from concert halls to music parties back at home. Currently living in her native town of Asheville, NC she finds time for many sewing projects, dance parties and delicious meals. In 2008 Suzannah and her singing partner and childhood friend, Nathan Morrison began the Wild Asheville Community Chorus together.

The Music and Art Team brings together artists, musicians, designers, dreamers, performers, actors, builders & paint brush wielders to make this movement shimmer, whistle and pop!

We gather for art build days every few months where we make banners, signs and puppets and practice chants and skits. As a team we head to the streets of downtown Asheville every 4(ish) weeks to march with a theme of educational skits or script with banners and do so in a nonviolent, powerful and fun way.

We support the Direct Action Team with banners or other desired goodies for their actions. We supplying the Marketing Team with plenty of images/videos to share. We incorporate and rely on our relationship with the Spirituality Team to guide us in a good way.

Being visual, educational and interactive is our goal and bringing people together to better understand our rights or the lack thereof is central. We are inclusive of all ages, genders, ethnicities and faiths. We welcome your voices, instruments and artistic skills as we continue to build this movement through music and art.

Nonviolent Direct Action – Steve Norris

Steve Norris is a retired professor at Warren Wilson College. He has been an activist since the civil rights movement in the 1960s. He now focuses his activism on climate and energy issues, specifically resisting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline with

The Direct Action Team is composed of peaceful warriors who draw inspiration from the ageless history of those who have fought for justice, and from the communities of people we live among  and from the beautiful earth we inhabit and draw life from.

The Direct Action Team seeks to celebrate the blessings of being alive, at the same time as we devise nonviolent, colorful, fun and effective ways to challenge the corporate, governmental and other oppressive forces which sometimes threaten us, which often steal from poor and minority communities, and end up degrading the vitality of the earth and her creatures which sustain us.

Marketing – Sarah Benoit

Sarah is President of Creative Original, Inc., a small business web design firm. She is also co-founder and lead instructor of the JB Media Institute, Sarah is a digital marketing strategist, web developer, and educator that specializes in SEO, social media, and content marketing.

The Marketing team brings together designers, social media wizards and those who love to play with communicating complex ideas in simple and compelling words and design.We manage the Community Roots website, email campaigns, branding, Facebook and Instagram platforms. For those who love language, this team takes on writing editorial posts, op-ed articles and spreading the word in other formats.  We also build relationships with other organizations and find supporters from across the community.

The Marketing team is open to new members.

If you are interested in joining any of these teams please contact us here: