Working Teams

Community Roots is a volunteer run organization. We are structured into six working groups, facilitated by the following amazing humans:

Spirituality Team – Suzannah Tebbe Davis

Suzannah Tebbe Davis is a shamanic energy medicine woman. She offers over two decades of experience sourced from a diverse blend of mind/body/spirit Wisdom Teachings and Western theoretical practices.

Through her personal spiritual practice and studies with the Q’ero ( Andean ) medicine men and women and as a graduate of the Four Winds Society, Suzannah embraces  the fundamental wisdom teaching of the Inkans ; we are born into a world of Living Energy, the Kausay Pacha, which is populated by Spirit and is available to us in each moment. Through the deepening into this sacred relationship with Nature, we can become Sacred Activists and awaken fully to our life purpose.  Suzannah has a private practice, Your Awakened Life, based out of Asheville, North Carolina.  She offers individual sessions, mentoring, sacred ceremonies and leads workshops and retreats throughout the year. For more information about Suzannah, please visit, and Your Awakened Life on Facebook.

The Spirituality Team is open to new members

Community Bill of Rights Team – Richard Fireman

Richard Fireman is a retired M.D. who has been an energy/climate change activist in Asheville and North Carolina since moving to Asheville in 1998. He was a volunteer with the WNC Alliance in its successful campaign to pass the Clean Smokestacks act in 2002.

He was instrumental in having Mayor Worley sign the Mayor’s Climate Change Agreement, then having Mayor Bellamy actualize the process by forming the Sustainability Advisory Committee for Energy and the Environment and hire its first Sustainability Officer. For about 8 years he was Public Policy Coordinator for NC Interfaith Power & Light, a project of the NC Council of Churches.

Most recently he volunteered with the Sierra Club and Mountain True in the Asheville Beyond Coal Campaign.  He lives in Mars Hill with his wife JoAnna and Morris, a beautiful and loving goldendoodle. He loves gardening and is pictured here in his field of wild blackberries, which he uses year round for jam and pies.

Music and Art Team – Suzannah Park

Suzannah Park leads Street Theater Rally in Asheville

Suzannah comes from a family of three generations of traditional singers, storytellers and dancers and is happily making music touring about the country from concert halls to music parties back at home. Currently living in her native town of Asheville, NC she finds time for many sewing projects, dance parties and delicious meals. In 2008 Suzannah and her singing partner and childhood friend, Nathan Morrison began the Wild Asheville Community Chorus together. While in town Suzannah also gleefully dons her orange calico dress and matching bloomers and dances with the Green Grass Cloggers. While on the road Suzannah travels mostly up and down both American coasts but finds time to jump over seas as well. Weather singing solo or in her various ensembles you can find her teaching singing at camps, performing at festivals and kicking up her heels when the music starts.

The music and Arts team is current open to new members.

Nonviolent Direct Action – Steve Norris

Steve Norris is a retired professor at Warren Wilson College. He has been an activist since the civil rights movement in the 1960s. He now focuses his activism on climate and energy issues, specifically resisting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline with


The NVDA Team is open to new members.

Marketing – Sarah Benoit

Sarah is President of Creative Original, Inc., a small business web design firm. She is also co-founder and lead instructor of the JB Media Institute, Sarah is a digital marketing strategist, web developer, and educator that specializes in SEO, social media, and content marketing.  She has worked in the internet marketing field since 2003 and began teaching and presenting in 2006. Sarah provides timely, relevant, and engaging classes and seminars designed to help both advanced and beginner students expand their skills and gain a better understanding of the role websites and the internet play in sales, communications, customer service, and marketing.

The Marketing team is open to new members.

Fundraising – Mike Cherin

Mike Cherin has been organizing communities since the 80’s.He has empowered thousands of
new activists across the US with his canvassing skills and ceaseless passion for progressive

Mike says “In these techno times, face to face interaction is the most effective way to reach your neighbors”and “a movement is built one voice at a time!”

Favorite recent quote “I refuse to live in a country like this ,and I am not leaving!”-Michael Moore

The fundraising team is open to new members. Please contact