About Us

Our Mission

“As the storms came and the waters rose, what we will tell our children we did?”

Transitioning to 100% renewable energy is not only possible, it is critical to our survival

It has been done in many places around the world.

>> Renewable Energy is cheaper that fossil fuels
>> Renewable Energy creates more jobs than fossil fuels
>> Renewable Energy reduces the toxic burden on our most vulnerable communities.

The problem? It is illegal in many states.

Corporations have used their lobbying power to prohibit many of the options that will get us to 100% renewable in order to continue to rake in large profits at our expense. But, the legacy of humans is to overcome, to prevail against unreasonable odds.

Community Roots, and our allies across the country, are banding together in a large scale grassroots campaign. We will win back our most fundamental Right – the RIGHT to LIFE – one citizen, business and community at a time.

Local Self-Governance

Our democracy has been eroded by Corporations claiming the Rights of persons and using those rights to prioritize profit over the wellbeing of The People and our Planet. We are working with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF.org) to enact a Community Bill of Rights communities throughout North Carolina. 

This will enable citizens to prohibit the activities of corporations that pollute our water, air and soil and allow us to make ongoing decisions about where we live, without interference from the State. It is time that our Rights are placed OVER a Corporations’ Right to make a profit. Read more>>>


State Constitutional Change

Community Bills of Rights are passed at the City and County level. Once enough have been passed in North Carolina we will begin working on a change to the NC State Constitution to give local governments more power. The Community Rights Network in New Hampshire is pioneering this approach with a Constitutional change currently under consideration by the State legislator.  


Community Roots is funded by Project100, a network of local business united for a sustainable future. The network is currently available in North Carolina. Join Project100>>>

When we are asked, “what did you do when the storms came?” we will say, “We stood tall, hand in hand, in solidarity for the future of our children and this planet.”