Community Roots is a grassroots Asheville, NC,  non-profit dedicated to helping communities protect the planet and dismantle corporate rule.

We believe communities have the right to make decisions about what happens to our water, air and soil, over Corporations.

We stand for the rights of nature and people.

100% Renewable Energy

We all know that the climate is rapidly changing, threatening our planet and most vulnerable communities.

Many of us feel helpless to make meaningful change as we watch the situation spiral out of control.
We see reports of the technological advances that are making renewable energy – including solar and wind power- more efficient and less expensive than climate changing fossil fuels.

So why are we not using these clean energy sources?

It’s illegal. State and Federal laws, often written by fossil fuel companies, prevent us from being able to choose the energy sources we want.

Community Rights

The Community Rights Movement is dismantling corporate rule,
putting people and planet over profits.

In a democracy the laws represent the will of the People.

We have a history of successfully abolishing laws that don’t reflect the will of the People — those that allowed people to be considered property and exploited our children.

It is time to change the laws that allow our planet to be plundered for the profit of a few while the People suffer the consequences.

A Community Bill of Rights is a local law that asserts our Right to make decisions about the places we live. It’s time we made some decisions about how our energy is produced.

Get Involved

Do you feel like there is something more you could be doing? Not sure what would help?

Community Roots is a grassroots, volunteer-based organization based in Asheville, NC. We thrive on volunteers who want to make an impact, aren’t afraid to shake up the status quo and live with enthusiasm!

We are funded by PROJECT100, a network of local businesses leading the way to a just an equitable transition to renewable energy.

Upcoming Events

Get Involved: Community Bill of Rights

Going to the Root: Rights of Nature Workshop
Saturday, May 19th, 1 to 5:00 pm
36 Montford Ave, Asheville

Rights-based law for Systemic Change!
We need a fundamental change in the way we relate to the natural world. This involves recognizing our interdependence with nature, finding practical ways to live in harmony with the natural world and securing the highest legal protection through the recognition of rights.

Our legal system sees nature as property. In our history the US legal system saw women and African American people as property. This changed because The People insisted it change. Changing the legal status of nature from property to an entity with rights will not only change our relationship with the natural world it gives us a legal avenue for protecting her.

In 2008 Ecuador became the first country to codify Rights of Nature in its Constitution. Citizens of Ecuador can now file law suits on behalf of ecosystems – forests, rivers, mountains – against Corporations who are causing harm. CELDF (the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) were key in writing this legislation and brining Rights of Nature to communities around the US and other countries.

Thomas Linzey (Co-Founder and Chief Legal Counsel) and Mari Margil (Associate Director) of CELDF provide this workshop in Asheville for the first time to provide practical assistance to those working to protect our planet.

Community Bill of Rights Kick Off Party!

Saturday, June 2nd, 7 to 10:00 pm
The Wedge at Foundation, 5 Foundry Street, Asheville

Join us to celebrate the launch of Asheville’s first Community Bill of Rights. Stand with us in taking back our power, asserting our rights for local self-governance and building a world where People and Planet come before Profits.

The Community Bill of Rights is a City ordinance that will:

  • enable citizens to prohibit the activities of corporations that pollute our water, air and soil,
  • allow us to make ongoing decisions about where we live, without interference from the State and
  • accelerate the equitable transition to 100% renewable energy.

Join us for great music, food, drinks, a silent auction and information about how you can get involved in this grassroots movement.

$20 suggested donation at the door. Everyone is welcome.

We The People 2.0 Screening

Wednesday, June 27th, 6 to 8:00 pm
THE BLOCK off Biltmore, 39 S Market Street, Asheville

Interested in Community Rights and why Corporations have more rights than we do? This film showcases the work of CELDF and the Community Rights movement across the US.

“We the People 2.0” is about the loss of democracy in the United States. The story unfolds through the eyes of rural people and sacrifice zones in urban communities who have faced decades of toxic dumps, drilling and mines in their communities. These people come to understand that the reason they can’t stop the destruction is that the US has become an oligarchy, run by the corporate few who ignore the rights and will of the people. These people are frontally challenging our corporate state; thereby saving nature and themselves. Thomas Linzey, a nonprofit attorney’s inspiring words shows how, we, the people, can turn this around and lay claim to our democracy. This movement is building as you read this, not just in this country but around the world; this film shows how and where it all began.